What We Are :

If you or your loved one is in need of alcohol or drug rehab treatment, you are not alone. Addiction is affecting many families at a very alarming pace. SALAMAT Memorial Hospital and Drug Rehabilitation Center Treatment is here to offer you hope and healing – and will work with your unique family dynamic to achieve a full, lasting recovery

Brief Introduction :

SALAMAT CLINIC is a group of dedicated and committed individuals from different professions who have devoted their skills and expertise in the cause of serving the humanity in need. The members of this group have been contributing a lot for the cause both in individual and group capacity. Supporting people to establish a sense a safety a predictability in the world, Treating both Addiction and Psychological Trauma. Unlike many hospitals or institutional settings, we allow residents to truly feel like they are at home rather than in a treatment centre. There are so many treatment centres throughout the country, it is important to look further into the facility to determine if it is the right one for you. SALAMAT CLINIC is the best for addiction and Psychological treatment because SALAMAT CLINIC provides the state of art environment and treatment plan which help in the rehabilitation and treatment with affordable services SALAMAT CLINIC

professional staff and mentors are equipped with an in depth understanding of the recovery process with long term recovery them. The staff has true commitment to assist those suffering from alcoholism or addictions, getting them back home to become the positive part of the society. SALAMAT CLINIC employs on-site medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, counselors and case managers who collaborate to assess and adjust each individual’s treatment plan.

SALAMAT CLINIC delivers the outcomes, value and experience needed to build lasting freedom from addiction. We are here to answer your questions or begin the admissions process any day, any time. These days more than 30 percent of teenagers around the world experiment with prohibited drugs. Drug addiction in teenagers has now become a serious issue. This addiction of alcohol and drugs in teenagers not only causes problems at school and at home, but it can also significantly spoil their further studies and careers. In such a case, an immediate rush to a drug addiction rehab centre is necessary.

Everyone understands how teenage drug addiction can turn into a life-long problem if not treated at the right time. However, what people do not realize is that drug addiction is a medical disorder. It can create chronic problems and increase the chances of sudden death. Once a child enters into their teenage years, violent mood swings and changing behavior are quite normal. But if any teenager is observed to exhibit any of the following, it’s a warning signal:

– Sleeping at odd hours
– Violation of rules and regulations
– Stealing
– New group of friends
– Unusual behavior with the family
– Sudden lack of interest in hobbies and sports

Parents must recognize these symptoms and should take immediate steps. Most parents are not fully aware of addiction treatments or prevention for such conditions, and so they are agitated and confused. Humans are neither protected nor are they exempted from addiction, no matter what gender, class or age. There are many causes for developing the addiction of drugs in teenagers, some of them are: It can be generic. A teenager can develop addiction if either parent has gone through the same addiction. Environment matters the most. A teenager is most likely to adopt such a habit if he/ she spends most of the time around people who are drug abusers. Teenagers who are short tempered are more likely to get addicted in order to overcome their lack of self-esteem and self-consciousness.

Teenagers suffering from eating disorders, anxiety, depression and other mental disorders often try to self-medicate themselves with alcohol and drugs.

So what is it that makes SMH so different

“At SMH we don’t believe what other rehabs say, ‘Once an addict always an addict’. We don’t believe that a relapse is inevitable. We aim to assist and empower people to achieve recovery for life. The decision to stop doing drugs must be a conscious one. It is a matter of choice. Many people who go into a rehab do it for all the wrong reasons. Some do it because of family pressure, or because of their spouses, instead of doing it for themselves,”

When it comes to successful alcohol and drug rehab treatment, clinical expertise is vitally important. The Salamat Memorial Hospital and Drug Rehabilitation treatment team is comprised of some of the most highly qualified and experienced addictions professionals in the field, including psychiatrists, general physicians, nursing professionals, licensed therapists and other specialists. And with one of the highest staff-to-patient ratios in the industry, our team is dedicated to providing you and your family with compassionate care and a strong support network.