Our mission

To cure every addict, so to strengthen their families ultimately strengthening the society

There is hope for healing and a new beginning at SMH Treatment Center. At SMH, you’ll meet highly skilled medical experts in the field of drug rehab treatment who provide individualized care in a warm and safe environment.

we have a unique perspective on how difficult life is for our clients (specially FEMALES) and their loved ones. That’s why we make it our mission to provide the highest quality of care available. We strive to demonstrate this commitment everyday, in all that we do.


In providing the treatment available for drug rehabilitation, we will work to continually improve the quality and continuity of caring environment we give to each of our clients and their families. In addition, we will actively seek feedback from clients, their families and our staff members on ways to better meet their needs and further improve our quality of care.

Family Life

Drug rehab treatment is a challenging experience for everyone involved. We will always seek to improve our clients’ family lives by treating their illnesses and traumas with the utmost care and respect.


We are an integral part of the community and strive to be good neighbors by giving back thorough involvement, education on drug addiction treatment and being a voice for positive


We will recruit and retain the best medical staff and employees in the industry. Finding the right treatment center for drug rehab is a sensitive process for families. We understand this and will provide our staff with outstanding opportunities for continuing education and skills development. Every member of our team will personally commit to improving performance and taking ownership of this process.


We want to help our every client to become a healthy member of the society again by providing them the best environment and facilities to restore his/her life by getting the ideal treatment at our Drug Treatment/Rehabilitation Institute.

At Salamat Memorial Hospital and Drug Rehabilitation Institute our goal is to be a source of strength and support that facilitates change within the individual. The treatment we provide stresses growth and development in the areas of family, social, academic, vocational and spiritual life. When treatment is approached from this perspective, the foundation for a meaningful and productive new way of living is established.